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Forming Good Habits

Good morning… feels like a message in a bottle so far ūüėČ . Just trying to keep up with periodic posts so that when thing REALLY¬†start happening, I will already be in the habit of writing. Be cool…


Saturday, June 16

I am getting into the habit of posting on a regular basis, even if it’s only a blurb. Continuing to work on and hopefully it will be ready to go live in the next week or so.Doing CSS exercises, reading the¬†Missing Manual and keeping on with education.

One from my phone

Trying my mobile app to post something out here.

Reading “The Missing Manual” as my current Dreamwwaver education project along with working on “Classroom in a Book“.

Always trying to stay in the game to be better for my clients.

Tuesday, June 12

Just checkin’ in… http://www.deeJay’s is almost done and this is what the business card is gonna look like

More later…

Saturday night

Spent a good bit of time today working on MY website, getting my portfolio projects properly linked and creating the new pages to house the links. Designed my initial business cards (really happy with how they turned out), so now another step is completed.

I downloaded some free css templates the other day, and have been looking at the code in these examples to learn more about what makes the coding work. Studying each day to grow.

It’s June already

Just saying hello (again) as I haven’t written a thing in months. I have been doing some free lance web work and have pursued a few projects that are still ‘up in the air” so to speak. Continuing to learn more every day about this field as I really feel the make-over happening. In conversation, I refer to myself as a web designer; in employment searches I am using a web developer resume. I am at work on a personal web site and have decided that deeJay’s Sites¬†is to be the name of the new business.

So the adventure continues…