Well, after promising some semblance of continuity, I haven’t written a word in weeks.

In spite of the fact that Isaac Asimov wrote the original Foundation Trilogy in the 1950s, I didn’t discover these amazing books until the late 70s. I literally devoured them, winding my way through the nearly 400 years of Galactic history covered in Foundation, Foundation & Empire and Second Foundation. I have always enjoyed science fiction and fantasy novels or movies (no matter which), with Asimov, Aurthur Clarke, JRR Tolkien and Kurt Vonnegut being at the top of my author’s list for a long time. As time went on, Isaac A. expanded on his award winning series by writing two prequels and two sequels bringing the total volume count to 7. His death came before any further books in the chronicles of the Foundation could be written, so we are left with what we have.

All that to say, over the past several months I have been re-reading this awesome story, having interrupted my journey through the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter’s saga to dive into the far future galaxy as Isaac saw it. To date I am into the 6th book, Foundation’s Edge and having just a great time experiencing what for others 1000s of years in the future, may well be history.

The saga continues…